Is There Anything We Can Learn? Top Ten? Still Nothing?

Text: Luke 1:26-37
1. Mothers have favor with the Lord!
-chosen by God to give life.
2. Mothers share the gift of encouragement 
-we crave encouragement from mom
3. Mothers promote family and community Luke 1:39-45
-they value family
-sisters need to work together, as moms need that break, prayer partners.
4. Mothers/Parents are imperfect people who endeavor to be better I this generation and the next.
5. Your child is and will have special gifts Psalm 127:3
6. A sign of maturity is that you know the Lord, can operate independently, and you do not have to be told what to do!
-based on what you’ve instilled in them.
7. Jesus had 3 critical human characteristics that were nurtured at home.
A. Wisdom-(the ability to know and follow Bod-see Proverbs 9:10)
B. Stature-healthy environment;
C. Favor with God and men( disciples and good reputation- Mark 8:24-Proverbs 22:1
8. Clear priorities-at some point in life, you will have to decide…..
-Mary had taught Him that God is more important.
9. Loving, selfless, and able to take care of mom John 19:25-27
10. When success happens, then s/he knows what to do! For with…… John 20:15-18
-God gets the glory
Pastor Richard M Gibson

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